I interviewed countless individuals during my time as a correspondent at The Lowell Sun. Lukus was one of the few who made a deep and lasting impression on me. I was immediately captured by him — by his intense passion for his music, his many creative talents, his sense of humor, and most of all, his humility. He has an innate ability to transcend barriers and reach people of all ages and cultures with his music and his message....In all cases, he shines.
— Diane MacPherson / Lowell Sun
Lukus is an absolute genius in multimedia solutions. He’s just got it. Whether it’s producing a song, mixing, making a music video, editing, or simply consulting for a church or organization’s multimedia needs, Lukus delivers and provides solutions effortlessly and with excellence. He has the ability to capture people’s raw ideas and turn them into gold. He’s professional, sensitive to a client’s needs, yet also dares to challenge and stretch you beyond your limits. Our organization, UNOW, is known for its media excellence. Lukus is one of the key architects behind the magic. If you are serious and ready for the next level, Lukus is your guy. I highly recommend him.
— Zenzo Matoga, Founder/United Night of Worship
We could not have made a better choice than Lukus Simari to produce our inspiring,
upbeat, educational videos for youth. Not only is he a master videotographer
and multi-media specialist, but he also resonates with the youth culture and
intuitively knows how to reach our audience in memorable ways. In producing these powerful videos,Lukus showed the greatest sensitivity to the people and task at all times.
Lukus Simari has our highest recommendation!
— Rhea Gordon/Executive Director @ Healthy Futures
AAAMultiMedia shot my “Time For Everything” music video and they were professional yet creative. Lukus knew his stuff and turned around a solid video in a short time. This led to us doing more projects together and I would encourage anyone to work with him.
— Caleb McCoy/recording artist
Lukus is one of the most gifted producers I’ve ever met. I’ve worked with Lukus on 2 albums. His excellence and dedication to the work made the albums a success.
— Femi Adeduji/recording artist
I have had the opportunity to work with AAAMultimedia on many occasions for several different types of projects! No matter the challenge or style of the project their team stepped up and produced top notch work! I look forward to working with them on future projects!
— Brett St. Gelais/ Production Coordinator @ Gateway Productions
Lukus has an uncanny ability to push artists out of their comfort zones. His production and engineering coupled with an undeniable ear equals results. His musicianship is a gift and his production and mixing abilities are second to none. Plus he’s really cool!
— Bobby Bishop/recording artist
Lukus has a great ear and eye for music; he is also extremely talented in branding music artist and finding their personal sound.
— Kevin Bugingo/Sales Director/Controller UNOW
I enjoyed partnering up with Lukus and AAAMultimedia productions to get my worship EP out.
Lukus brings a wealth of wisdom when it comes to music & recording. He also has a great deal of connections in the industry that were of great assistance to me. I highly recommend utilizing his services for your next music project.
— Seth Putnam/Worship Leader/Director @ IFC
Lukus is an amazing artist. Whether in visual arts, music, or spoken word, the word that describes Lukus’ output is IMPACT. Everything he puts out there makes a statement. With clarity and power.
— Bill Mooney-McCoy/ Music Director @ Gordon College
Working with Lukus on my “Through It All” album, really helped me take my music to another level. He is versatile and so incredibly diverse. Super gifted and truly the full professional package.
— Ntambo Chibambo Kaendera/recording artist
I have had the pleasure of working with AAAMultimedia on several occasions and have always been impressed by the quality of what is produced. For example, they have helped us better market our school through a great commercial. They captured all of our key features and highlighted them in a fun and informative way. I highly recommend this company for your multimedia needs!
— Jennifer Najem/ School Principal @ CCA
I’ve worked with Lukus for many years now, from making albums to music videos. He always shoots for the best, in other words “perfectionist” and brings out the best artist in you. Not only that, he’s fun to work with. I had a blast shooting the “You Love Me” and “Baba” videos with him.
— David Elijah "DME"/recording artist
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lukus Simari. I have had the opportunity to experience the demonstration of Lukus’ core values which center around making a difference and impacting the quality of life for others. His clear understanding of his purpose and mission drives an incredible work ethic that is unparalleled in his industry.
— Daniel Herd/SLAM Events, Artists, and Speakers, Inc.
I worked with Lukus on my single “Nothing But Love” and the direction and expertise that he was able to bring to the table was eye opening. His mentoring has helped develop my style to where I would like it to be and I can’t wait to work on future projects with him!
— Jeff "J. Rio" Rios/recording artist
Lukus is an excellent engineer/musician, who somehow knew exactly what we were looking for, no matter what the tone or style of the song was. Every song he mixed for us was not only what we wanted but more. His skill set is amazing and his heart even better. Your in great hands if you choose to work with him!
— "Last One"
Gratefully, Linkedin somehow put Lukus’ page in front of me to remind me of the weight of his artistic vision, musicality, insight into popular culture and commitment to the detail it takes to create high quality media work.
— Brandt Gillespie/Owner BGM Productions