Lukus began audio recording in 1998 in his mother’s basement. Several years later, after forming partnerships, he moved out into his own commercial studio where he worked for labels and artists.  Lukus traveled during this time, sharing the gift of music and video in the US and overseas. In 2012, after running a successful media business, he formalized AAAMultiMedia, combining his knowledge of story telling, audio, video, design, and industry contacts into one cohesive experience for clients. 

Lukus has worked for clients like:  


·       TheNewEnglandPatriots(Boston)




·       General Motors (NY & Paris)                                                  

·       Land Rover (NY)

·       Apple

·       Healthy…

…along with local and international music artists. Lukus has the ability to understand the individual needs of everyone he works with.


Lukus Head shit 2019.png

Lukus Simari

Owner, Operator