Today, music is visual. Your song has to be seen. 

We have a dynamic team who will write, produce, direct, and edit your music video. 

Whether it's a promotional piece, indie film, or a full length documentary, we will take your vision to the screen. 

Songwriting / Audio production 

We take you from the concept stage to a market-ready song or album. Remote production or onsite production/from New York, Boston, and LA.


Let us put our ears on your song(s). We take your recording(s) from multitrack(s), to stereo mix(es) that are ready for mastering. 


Whether it’s a big budget recording, sound for video, or a passion project, we have great relationships with mastering studios around the world.

LA, Brooklyn, NY, Boston, MA, South Africa




Graphic design, photo editing/touch-ups, logos, flyers, web development, branding.


Personal photo shoots, product shots, custom website images.


Sound system design, recording studio design and equipment, project management, event planning, artist branding, etc.


We have relationships with excellent musicians around the world who would love to play on your project.

We know your ideas are unique! We will help you realize your creative goals in a timely, affordable way by listening to you.

The quality of your project is important to us!